• Tenants

  • Finding a place to live can be a trying and difficult experience. Considerations like what school district, the neighborhood, proximity to work or shopping can all weigh in the decision. Price and square footage are also considerations. Lastly, getting to know and trust a new Landlord can be down right frustrating if you have had negative experiences in the past. Our goal is to put you at ease through the process of locating and leasing your new home.

  • The first step to building any healthy relationship is getting to know each other. The way you get to know us is through our information on the website and references we will gladly provide at your request. The way we get to know you is through the Rental Application. Click on the link below to fill one out. There is a $25 processing fee that can be paid either by cash/check/money order in person or electronically through the Paypal link at the bottom of the Rental Application Page.

    Rental Application Form

  • Prospective Tenants

    When looking for a place to live you probably want the same things we want in our tenants: honesty, courtesy, and integrity. We strive to give the most responsive consideration to all of our clients needs. At times things unfortunately conspire to slow our process but excellence and timeliness is always our goal. Respect is a two-way street along with simply treating people as we would like to be treated were we in their shoes. We hope to always have good will between us and our residents and make a good-faith effort to establish ans maintain it. Our motto is "everyone needs a place to live" and as such we do not discriminate on any known basis, all who are willing to display honesty, courtesy, and integrity in our dealings is welcome. 

  • Current Tenants

    During your stay in one of our properties you are far more than just a tenant, you become our business partner. Our relationship is symbiotic: we provide a comfortable, affordable place to stay, you care for it and make timely payments, and the owner takes care of the taxes and keeping the bank happy. We all do our part and everybody gets some benefit!