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  • Maranatha Services: An Unusual Name providing Unique Services!

    Whether we are managing & maintaining your property or simply providing repairs, we realize that it represents a large investment on your part. Properly caring for your interest is the of utmost importance to our company. High Quality Services, done by knowledgeable personnel, in a timely manner, at reasonable price has been the hallmark of our business since it's humble beginning in the mid 90's doing appliance repair. Yes, we still repair appliances but we have blossomed to so much more! From managing the day-to-day operations of your property to major repairs, we strive to excel in every service we provide, setting high standards for all that we do.    

  • Chris Short, Manager/Owner

    Email: chris@maranathaservices.com

    Tel: (601) 917-9344

  • Mary Short, Owner

    Email: mary@maranathaservices.com

    Tel: (601) 480-2370

  • Larry Crowe, Lead Sub Technician

    Email: Larry@maranathaservices.com

    Tel: (601) 701-4767